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The Myosotis Trust is a registered English charity based in Barlad Eastern Romania, South-Eastern Europe. Its main purpose is to provide education and social and medical aid to the most needy of Barlad community and the surrounding areas.

I first went to Romania in 1995 and visited Barlad, a town of almost 60,000 people with one of the highest levels of deprivation in the country. On that visit I accompanied a very good friend of mine who was intending to adopt a Romanian orphan.

During my stay I talked to a lot of doctors working in the orphanage had the chance to see the sad reality of the children living there. Before I left, the medical staff asked me not to forget about the needs of the orphan children on my return to England.


Carol Daniel

Carol R. Daniel

Founder of The Myosotis Trust

About the Trust

In the coming years I made many other visits to Romania and soon decided to base a charity to help the poor in Barlad. The name of the charity is Myosotis Trust and it was launched in 1966, on the 1st June, the day when Romanians celebrate the Children’s Day.
Having taken early retirement from my job as Associate Director of Hillingdon Health Agency I dedicated my time to establishing and running the Trust.
When so much needs to be improved and so many people asked for help I tried to undertake far more than was sustainable. As my experience had been in health care I first felt providing health support to the poor was a priority. So with the development of The Health Centre we provided first aid, medication, advice and even home visits, food and sometimes even money for exceptional circumstances.
The needs of the gypsies and poor living in the town’s ghetto was also served by our renting a room in the ghetto and providing a nurse and social worker on a daily basis. Good progress was made to help these people but was impossible to sustain without support from the authorities. We did go on to house three families and still work with them; one now about to be completely independent of our support.
The development of young people and their ability to work with children who were in desperate need of play and love was another key issue and lead to the start of The Young Volunteers. Initially working in the play room we created at the psychiatric hospital and then later at the children’s hospital, summer camps and then guiding.
The development of the Romanian sister charity has been a key factor in the work I have undertaken as the work of The Myosotis Trust will be judged on the ability to continue its work in Romania under the lead of Romanians. It will be essential  that in future funding comes from within Romania and the continuing projects be a reflection of what the local population sees as its priorities.
After nearly 18 years of work in Romania I currently have to begin the process of letting my child’s hand go so that it can make its own way, hopefully with its family still supporting and encouraging its further development.